Zune HD Apps


Before you can load any of these apps to your Zune, you need to install the following items on your PC in this order:

Then, you need to configure XNA Game Studio to connect to your Zune. For assistance, check out this guide but make sure you install XNA 3.1, NOT 3.0.

Really, this isn't intended for beginners (yet) and I will not be providing support for installation problems.

CCGame Packages

If you have XNA installed and configured properly, you can just plug in your Zune and double-click a .ccgame file to install the app within.

Multi-Touch Drawing Demo

As seen on Engadget! This is a simple app I threw together on Zune HD release day with the new XNA Game Studio 3.1 Zune Extensions. Start up the app and use your fingers to draw. Using a single finger will draw with white paint, using more will draw with random neon colors. Shake your Zune side to side to erase the canvas. Hit the middle menu button to quit.

This app is intended for developers. Feel free to improve and re-release it as you wish.

I am not responsible for any personal injury or property damage caused by this app. Please shake responsibly.


CCGame Package

Visual C# 2008 Source Code